3WF - Asheville Women For Equality

Here's to the Third Wave Feminists!


Help defend women’s rights and pursue equality. Join us in raising our voices in solidarity until we women are afforded the same constitutional and leqal rights as men, the wage gap is closed, and all forms of sexual discrimination are eliminated.
Our purpose is to unite women on a joint front to defend against misguided attempts to reduce women's rights. This is a group of like-minded people, supporting the Third Wave of Feminism, to defend women's right to equality under the law, and sovereignty over our own bodies.

Fundamental changes need to become enshrined in our society, our attitudes, our businesses, and our legal and legislative systems. Further, we need to make sure that we don’t fall back into a comfort zone and lose steam.
Unless action is taken, we are going to find ourselves not much further ahead, or worse having stepped back a pace or two. Immediate action needs to be taken for some issues, and we need to establish mid-term and long term goals to permanently secure the equal rights we are entitled to as American citizens.